FAQ- Selling Your Car To Ways Scrap Car Removal Kitchener

What is Ways Scrap Car Removal Kitchener?

Ways Scrap Car Removal Kitchener is Victorias premier car Removal Company buying all sorts of cars, trucks, Utes, waggons and vans in any condition. We buy your unwanted vehicle directly by paying cash on the spot. We are FAST and Reliable.

How Does Our Car Removal Process Work?

Contact us online using our friendly online quote form or talk to one of our team members directly and get a FREE instant quote. Book an appointment for us to inspect the car. Once the offer is confirmed and if you accept our purchase we will pay cash on the spot.

Why Choose Ways Scrap Car Removal Kitchener To Sell Your Car?

We are quick, reliable and are committed to making the process of selling your car as easy and stress- free as possible. We offer excellent customer service and top dollar. By selling your car for money to us you can avoid strangers and unknown car removal companies offering low prices. Waiting around for strangers to come test drive and ask unnecessary questions and wasting your time is not a great idea. The risk of not selling your car and keeping the car in your yard for years coupled with costing dollars for insurance is simply not worth it.

How does Ways Scrap Car Removal Kitchener Determine The Valuation?

Our quote is based on the information you provide. This might not be accurate due to the information we receive over the phone or online. Once we give an estimate we will then inspect the vehicle and give you an accurate quote.

Why Do We Need Your License Or Proof Of ID When Buying The Car?

At Ways Scrap Car Removal Kitchener we take theft seriously, in order to make sure the car is yours and you have the right to sell, we check and require proof of ID.

What is a VIN number and where to find it?

The VIN or vehicle identification number is a 17 digit unique code that identifies your car. It can be found in the vehicle dashboard or on one of the doors.

For more information, contact us on 647-494-9310

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